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Did you know?

  1. Did you know that the ROI (Return on investment) on radio advertising is 49% higher than television advertising?
  2. …………. that radio tends to have about 80% of the recall power of a single television ad (at a much lower cost (, which makes for excellent Return on Investment!
  3. …………. that radio ads are seen as being more personally connected to the consumer?
  4. ………….. that Radio and internet together reach about 83% of the 18-54 (age group) population?
  5. …………… that Radio can drive consumers to websites?
  6. …………… that the cost of radio advertising is lower than other advertising vehicles?


  1. Advertising creates traffic in your business
  2. Advertising attracts new customers
  3. Advertising is an Investment in Success
  4. Advertising encourages repeat business
  5. Advertising gives your business a Successful Image
  6. Advertising generates continuous business
  7. Advertising keeps you in the competitive race
  8. Advertising keeps your business Top-of-Mind
  9. Advertising brings in Big Bucks for your business
  10. Advertising maintains morale

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(Facts provided were located in studies conducted by Millward Brown and Information Resources, Inc, Harris Interactive, Inc., and Wirthlin Worldwide)