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Michelle Harter Stallard

Assistant General Manager/Traffic and Billing Manager/Charity Promotions Coordinator

Michelle HarterI would like to introduce myself. My name is Michelle Harter Stallard. Most of our clients know me as Michelle Harter, but as of last year my name has changed. I am currently wearing many different hats and loving every single one of them. I am the Assistant General Manager. I also work in Sales of local and National agency clients. I am very rewarded in helping your business thrive through advertising.

I am the Traffic and Billing Manager. I build the daily commercial log.  When building my logs, I take into account what type of business you are advertising and when that particular audience would be tuning in. I take care of billing and accounts receivable.

I am the Charity Promotions Coordinator. I work with non-profit 501C3 organizations. Working with such a generous community makes my job such a blessing and also provides awareness that in working with 1055 TAM FM we can come together to make a difference. If you are a non-profit 501C3 organization, please contact me for additional information. I would love to work wth you to in order to inform our 9 county radius about your organization and promote any of your special benefits.

I can be contacted at 937-492-1270 ext 5 or via email: