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Loretta Kinney

Loretta Kinney, General Manager

D-Rock Derek

This is me, Loretta Kinney General Manager of 105.5 TAM FM. The luckiest General Manager in the world, I believe. Working with the BEST department managers Michelle Harter, Joe Laber and Derek Olding has been the most rewarding part of my life. Without these people giving me their all every day, Hits 105.5 Today’s Best Music would not have been so successful.

Now these three individuals gave me their all once again, we ran the triathlon, and we are now the radio station that our listeners in nine counties have been requesting! 105.5 TAM FM; Totally About Music and offering the Total Advertising Media! This format change was created by four people that listened, learned, studied, and then developed the TAM format. This crew created this format and it is the only radio station in the United States to be broadcasting this Totally About Music format (TAM)! A music formula that is going to entertain and offer our business owners the best return on investment by using our airwaves and website. 105.5 TAM FM has been unleashed!

All my life music was a huge part of it. Songs were like poems or stories to me. They drew me in with their lyrics. Never in a million years did I ever think that someday I would have the opportunity to operate a radio station, be able to entertain so many people and provide area businesses advertising to help grow their business.

When I think of WMVR, I think of the best place to work ever! Providing a music format that was designed by you the listeners and implemented by four people that listened. A radio station that makes a difference in communities that are in our broadcast area. These airwaves help the communities and families in need. Organizations get their information broadcast, so that people who need help and may not know where to turn, can listen, and realize that there is help available.

A special thank you goes to my family for always supporting me and understanding that take out is for dinner! A husband that encourages me to shoot for the stars, because he says, “You can do this.” Owners of Dean Miller Broadcasting Corporation Dean Miller Jr. and Toni Miller, which allow the crew and I to not only shoot for the stars, but the moon!