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Kyle Winner

Kyle WinnerAfternoon Host (2pm-6pm)
“105.5 TAM FM Final Mile with Kyle”
Social Media/Imaging/Radio Sales Consultant

My name is Kyle Winner I've been a native of Troy, OH my entire life (lived in Sidney shortly at one point), and I'm a radio enthusiast with a passion for media/marketing. I got my On-Air start at a low power station in Rockford, OH called 101.3 WRKD Rockford's BEST mix! Which was ran by a former 105.5 personality and now station owner Jim Crocker. While I have crammed a bunch into my head over the years, I still have much to learn on my journey through the radio. The thought that my voice runs down the microphone, into the board, through the transmitter, up the tower and blasts out across over nine counties still fascinates me. It’s an incredible feeling speaking to thousands on a weekly basis? WMVR is a wonderful station to work for that goes against the grain of regurgitated radio formats and you truly never know what TAM will play next on my show from 2pm-6pm, but it will be Totally. Awesome. Music. mixed with my love for radio. Large market sound and local feel for the Miami Valley! You can always ask me more on my Twitter @KyloWinner.